First, let me briefly touch upon the overall relations between Japan and Australia, as well as the significance of Komatsu Forklift Australia. 

Japan and Australia have built strong ties and bonds of mutual trust over many years through business partnerships. In addition to these trade ties, our relationship has developed into a comprehensive partnership encompassing political, social and cultural aspects. 

In recent years, environmental co-operation is becoming the area, in which Japan and Australia can work closely. It is truly a welcome development that many world leaders were able to share the vision of halving world greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

In this regard, today, there is increased focus for companies to initiate environmental improvement plans and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. This coupled with the need for new technology is allowing companies like Komatsu to not only reduce impact on the environment but also to allow their customers and companies alike, to benefit from more efficient technologies. 

I hope Komatsu Forklift Australia will contribute both Australia’s economic growth and environmental protection through its cutting edge technologies. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to again express my appreciation for your support in fostering closer links between Japan and Australia. 

Personal ties are another “pillar” which demonstrate, along with economic ties, the broadening connections between our two countries. I expect Komatsu Forklift Australia will shortly fit into Australian society as a corporate citizen and create more personal ties with as many Australian people as possible. 

I am confident that with your on-going support, Komatsu Japan and Komatsu Forklift Australia will continue to make a positive and valuable contribution to enriching and broadening the relationship of our countries.

Mr Nobuhito Hobo

Consul. General

Consulate-General of Japan, Sydney