Stephen Rimoldi joined our company in 2004 as a third year apprentice boiler maker. Stephen initially was a great asset on the field as a response technician for one of our major clients, Wooloworths. In 2006, we decided to transfer Stephen to the workshop. We were keen to use his skills in our crane division. Stephen’s abilities have been put to good use with the installation and commission of the many cranes we have sold.


In 2009, Stephen was a participant along with 11 other employees in a TAFE course that ran for 6 months after hours. This was a conversion course for light vehicle mechanics to train as dedicated forklift mechanics. As Stephen’s trade was boilermaker, he was not able to secure a certificate after the completion of this course. However, his excellent grasp of the course material coupled with the experience he has gained working in the workshop, not only with cranes but with forklifts also, led to discussions with TAFE.

TAFE, recognising the recently completed course plus experience on the job put together a training package comprising of seven weeks at TAFE over a two year period. After this course has been successfully completed, Stephen will qualify for his second trade as a forklift mechanic.

Stephen has so far this year completed 2 of the 3 weeks and is well on track to achieving his goal of being dual trade qualified. Congratulations to Stephen and we wish him the best as he completes his training.