We at the Komatsu Group hereby extend our sincere condolences to people and their relatives suffering from the earthquake and Tsunami which occurred on March 11, 2011. 


1. Employees (including temporary employees) and their families

There are a few employees of the Komatsu Group whose safety we are working to confirm. As our top priority task, we continue looking into their safety together with that of their families.

2. Production

With respect to our production plants in the concerned regions (Ibaraki, Oyama and Kooriyama plants and Komatsu Utility Co., Ltd.), nothing has changed in their conditions since our last news release. We are continuing inspection and repairs of facilities and equipment of these plants. While Komatsu Utility has resumed production, resuming overall production still remains indefinite. Concerning affected suppliers, we are supporting to their inspection of facilities and equipment and their recovery to normal production. 

Concerning other assembly plants (Awazu Plant in Ishikawa Prefecture and Osaka Plant in Osaka Prefecture) which were not directly affected by the earthquake, we are stopping production at some lines this week due to the following situations. We are continuing inspection and repairs at the Oyama Plant, our supply center of engines and hydraulic units. We are also experiencing some procurement difficulties in some parts and materials mainly due to effects of the earthquake as well as problems related to power supply and the nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture. 

We will promptly disclose further changes regarding these matters above through our website and other media. When we anticipate that they will impact on our business results, we will also disclose the matter promptly.


Information in the news releases is current on the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice.


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