We at the Komatsu Group hereby extend our sincere condolences to the people who have been adversely affected by the earthquake and Tsunami which occurred on March 11, 2011 and to their relatives as well.


At present, while we are working to engage in the maintenance service of construction equipment in operation at the affected areas, we are also offering relief assistance largely in the form of lending our construction equipment, forklift trucks, temporary housing, power generators and other equipment all free of charge. Worth JPY300 million, these equipment and facilities are urgently needed by the concerned municipal governments.

Conditions of the affected areas are deteriorating day by day, and it is projected that reconstruction will take a long period of time. We are anticipating that we will continue to receive requests for equipment from the municipal governments. In light of these conditions, we are going to offer a similar form of assistance, free of charge, worth JPY500 million, in addition to the assistance mentioned above (total assistance in value: JPY800 million). We are determined to continue our group-wide assistance aimed at the reconstruction of the affected areas into the future.

[Contents of Assistance]

·Charge-free lending of construction equipment, forklift trucks, temporary housings, power generators and other products that the Komatsu Group owns.

·Donation of prefabricated structures for use as temporary clinic and care centers. 

·Cash donations