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Komatsu FB Series - 2.5 to 3.0 Tonne Capacity Battery Electric Forklift

Model Fuel
Tyres Mast

Turning Radius

FB25-12 Battery 2500 500 Puncture Proof or Pneumatic Full range 2120
FB30-12 Battery 3000 500 Puncture Proof or Pneumatic Full range 2300

The NEW  range of Komatsu's 2.5 - 3.0 tonne battery electric forklifts are water-resistant, dust-proof and are designed with advanced energy saving features. Suitable for indoors & outdoors operations.

Lower Operating Costs

  • Max. 20% energy-saving contributes to extended operating hours (FB25-12)
  • Highly efficient PM (permanent magnet) motor
  • Now, when you buy a new Komatsu forklift the warranty runs for 5 years or 10,000 hours operation (Subject to Komatsu Forklift Australia warranty terms & conditions).

  • A brand-new control system that reduces power consumption
  • Optimized truck balance


Waterproof & Dustproof Design

  • IP X4 Waterproof Standard Specification
  • Major electrical harnesses and controllers in the FB25/30-12 employ the DT connectors, they are also used in Komatsu construction machinery, for superior waterproofing and dustproofing ability.
  • Enhanced water resistance and dustproofing of controllers
  • Sealed, highly efficient Permanent Magnet motors


Outstanding Performance

  • Full AC Operation
  • Superb turning stability
  • Longer Wheelbase Contributes to Superb Travel Comfort




  • Highly Programmable controller to adjust traveling, lifting and tilting speeds
  • Operator presence sensing system
  • Travel neutral safety
  • Ramp Control
  • Speed Limiter
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Rear assist grip with horn button
  • Parking Brake with Indicator Lamp



KOMTRAX TM - Remote Machine Monitoring & Tracking

  • Machine Operation Information - Provides details of machine operation information on a daily
    basis makes it possible to understand power consumption trends and running costs.
  • Machine Location Information - Grasping machine location information allows machine operation management.
  • Operation Report - Monthly and annual operation records are available in PDF or excel format.



Advanced Information Technology

The large, user-friendly color monitor enables accurate and smooth operation. Checking the truck speed, battery discharge, and other essential information is easy and at a glance. Function keys facilitate easy setup of travel or lifting modes and travel speed limit.

  1. Hour meter (SMR) integration state
  2. Parking brake indication
  3. Load handling interlock indication
  4. Travel interlock indication
  5. Load handling power mode
  6. Travel power mode
  7. Clock / Hour meter  / Travel distance indication / Caution symbol
  8. Travel speed
  9. Directional lever position / Action level monitor
  10. Battery discharge indicator (BDI)
  11. Average power consumption
  12. Instantaneous power consumption (ECO gauge)
  13. Guidance icon
  14. Function button



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2.5 to 3.0 Tonne Capacity Battery Electric Forklift


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