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Baumann EGX Series - 5 Tonne to 8 Tonne Capacity 120V Electric Sideloader


The Range: Mid-Sized, Heavy Duty

Model Fuel Type Rated Capacity (kg) Platform Width (mm) Platform Height (mm) Standard Lift Height (mm)
EGX50 Electric 5000 1200, 1400 1050 3700 to 7500
EGX60 Electric 6000 1200, 1400 1050 3700 to 7500
EGX70 Electric 7000 1200, 1400 1050 3700 to 7500
EGX80L Electric 8000 1200, 1400 1050 3700 to 7500


Durability As Standard

Our most popular sideloaders are some of out most advanced, performing superbly over long shifts and greater distances. The 120v electric EGX offers high speeds speeds and long battery life, with capacities from 5 to 8 tonnes.

Our EGX Series chassis are built to exacting standards while our masts have a unique profile designed for the exacting demands of working sideways.

Toughness is just one of the secrets to our success, helping our equipment to be known worldwide for its durability and reliability. Baumann is also renowned as an innovator, especially in the important areas of safety and productivity.

A highly efficient and durable machine
Longest running hours in its class
Award-winning Outreach System

Key Features

In developing the EGX range the goal was to produce a highly efficient and durable machine capable of working in demanding applications. Electrics offer zero emissions, are cheaper to run and maintain, as well as offering a better operator environment. Noise and cost savings will also benefit long-established companies which have seen towns grow up around them, and are under pressure to cut emissions and noise pollution by neighbours and legislators.

The Baumann EGX Series utilises the direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage, whilst preventing transverse movements and eliminating unnecessary stresses.

The worm gear system and rollers can work only in combination, which means ideal results each time, and the maximum working speeds – results never before reached.

The system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering and durability to ensure greater safety, smoother control and perfectly synchronised outreach for highly accurate and efficient load control.

The EGX has two drive motors and larger capacity / longer run time 120v battery, offering the longest running hours in its class.

Once the platform is fixed in the horizontal position, the load remains stable even on uneven ground.

Baumann advantage: Baumann tilt system, high residual capacities, proven Baumann mast, no emissions and low noise.

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