Baumann EHX Series - 3 Tonne to 5 Tonne Capacity 80V Electric Sideloader



Model Fuel
Platform Width (mm) Platform Height (mm) Standard Lift Height (mm)
EHX30 Electric 3000 1200 - 1400 860 3300 to 7200
EHX40 Electric 4000 1200 - 1400 860 3300 to 7200
EHX50 Electric 5000 1200 - 1400 865 3300 to 7200




Compact, Light-Duty 80V Electric
Short chassis length
Optimized weight distribution
Low emission diesel engine
High residual load capacities
Chassis-tilting system for safer load handling

The solution to handling long loads in narrow aisles with no emissions is the Baumann EHX series.

An environmentally friendly alternative to an internal combustion engine Sideloader.  The EHX series has no exhaust emissions, very low noise & performance close to an engine powered Sideloader without the same fuel or maintenance costs.

The low platform height is a key benefit of these 3 tonne to 5 tonne compact machines enabling operator’s easy access to the cab and, if needed, platform areas. Powerful 80 volt batteries and responsive handling are also inherent qualities of this popular range. With all Baumann products a comprehensive range of options are available to complement a generous standard specification.

The eco-friendly EHX series also comes complete with the Baumann load stabilizing tilt system, great maneuverability and our proven design masts.



Traction: 2 X AC Drive motors with high frequency Mosfet controllers
Standard lift height: 4000 mm


Baumann advantage: Baumann tilt system, high residual capacities, proven Baumann mast, no emissions and low noise.


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