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Baumann GS Series - 10 Tonne to 50 Tonne Capacity Diesel Side Loading Forklift

Baumann GS
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The Range: Large-Sized, Heavy Duty

The Baumann GS series is the most robust, yet most compact sideloader with this lifting capacity. The series guarantees not only safe and reliable handling of long and bulky goods, but also the best possible cost/benefit ratio.

Model Fuel
Platform Width (mm) Platform Height (mm)
GS100-120 Diesel 10,000 - 12,000 1600, 1800, 2000, 2500 1320, 1420, 1395
GS150-160 Diesel 15,000 - 16,000 1600, 1800, 2000, 2500 1550
GS180 Diesel 18,000 1500, 1700, 1900, 2400 1550
GX200 Diesel 20,000 2000, 2500 1800
GXS250 Diesel 25,000 2000, 2500 1800
GXS300-500 Diesel 30,000 - 50,000  Custom  Custom



Tough Machines For Tough Jobs

Everything about the GS Series is designed with durability and harsh operations in mind. The guiding principle is a robust and simple construction combined with compact dimensions for maximum possible manoeuvrability and service-friendliness. Here’s what some of our experts think makes this heavy-duty Baumann a very enticing machine

Toughness & Reliability
Our GS Series chassis are built to exacting standards while our masts have a unique profile designed for the exacting demands of working sideways.

Toughness is just one of the secrets to our success, helping our equipment to be known worldwide for its durability and reliability. Baumann is also renowned as an innovator, especially in the important areas of safety and productivity.

All the advantages of Baumann sideloaders familiar from other series, such as automatic stabilisation system, cab on hydro bushings, etc., are also standard in this series.

  • Extremely robust
  • Highly efficient and capable machines
  • Simplified maintenance and servicing
  • High residuals – a superb investment

Key Features

Using the experience from new components developed for Baumann’s electric ranges, the technical development team worked with the valve bank supplier to improve its performance, allowing movements characteristic only to sideloaders and new options, such as the choice of electronic or manual joysticks. The result is a bespoke bank that can be shared across the range and the cost and convenience benefits of a more consistent parts stocking.

All Baumann sideloaders are built to last. Changes have been made to the GS Series general hydraulic system to improve efficiency and pressure flow. The result is a more durable design, fully compliant with emissions regulations and yet with more sensitive control via a new hydraulic system.

Once the platform is fixed in the horizontal position, the load remains stable even on uneven ground.

Baumann Advantage: Baumann load stabilising tilt system, high residual capacities, proven Baumann mast, new Comfort cabin and hydraulic Load-Sensing-System.=

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10 Tonne to 50 Tonne Capacity Diesel Sideloader


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