Legless Stradle Stacker 0.9 - 1.2 Tonne

Model Fuel
Tyres Mast

Turning Radius


Boa 0.9 Battery 900 600 Polyurethane 2.5 - 4.0 1100
Boa 1.2 Battery 1200 600 Polyurethane 2.5 - 4.5 1310

 Legless® Stacker with Power Steering & Tilt


Safety Features

Dynamic Braking with "Ramp Start" feature 
Wide view mast
Belly button reversing switch
Ergonomically designed butterfly-type speed control
Wrap around handguards
Deadman braking applies brakes & cuts power
Electronic & hydraulic overload protection
High speed cut out on fork elevation over 1800mm
Emergency power disconnect

Drive Train & Steering

Advanced AC 24V Drive Motor with sealed bearings
Super quiet Direct Drive Transmission
Curtis controlled system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving dynamic braking
Drive motor, transmission brakes and drive wheel are coupled to the full control handle
Drive and steering system is securely mounted within all steel chassis for maximum protection


Chassis incorporates the latest Laser Lock technology
Fully welded Mast section provides strength and rigidity
Fork carriage is an integrated welded unit

Hydraulic System

Full System filtration to prevent contaminants from entering the hydraulic system
Built in relief valve protects the system from overloads
Variable speed lowering is via control handle
Heavy duty gear pump provides smooth lift and with minimal power consumption

Electrical System

24V system powered by a 210AH Traction Battery
Curtis programmable Control System controls functions via control handle
Direction, Horn and Lift/Lower Controls in full function control handle
Dash mounted key lock ignition and emergency
Stop Switch
Multi- function diagnostic gauge with lock out displays

Travel, Lift & Lowering Speeds

Travel Speed: Fully Programmable
Lift Speed: Empty – up to 12m per min
Laden – up to 5.5m per min
Lowering Speed: Empty – up to 11m per min
Laden – up to 8m per min


Drive: 230mm DIA x 75mm wide
Load: 125mm DIA x 50mm wide

Optional Equipment

Hazard Light and Beeper
Rider platform (Asia models only)
Semi Traction batteries
Flame Proofing / Cold room Conditioning

0.9 to 1.2 Tonne Capacity Legless Stradle Stacker


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