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Komatsu Forklift’s have been operating in Australia since 1964 and our business commenced shortly thereafter – that’s almost sixty years in Australia.

The cornerstone of Komatsu's management is our commitment to QUALITY and RELIABILITY.

Komatsu has a rich history that dates back to 1917 when Takeuchi Mining Industry established Komatsu Iron Works to manufacture machine tools and mining equipment for in-house use.

Komatsu recognises that the business activities which embody our strength are in fact CSR activities.

Komatsu Forklifts is a proud member of AITA, an industry body that promotes the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction.

Komatsu established in 1921, is a diversified provider of industrial-use products and services

The KOMATSU Way - Komatsu's SevenGuiding Principles

Komatsu Forklifts Online Disclosure

Komatsu has a zero tolerance for workplace fraud and unethical conduct. 


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