Komatsu Forklift Australia now offers on selected models. KOMTRAX - is Komatsu's technologically advanced satellite monitoring system. KOMTRAX can provide:

Fleet Management - We can improve your fleet utilisation
Machine Location - We know exactly where your machine is
Work Monitoring - We know what your machine is doing
Machine Performance – We Know whether your machine requires service or maintenance


KOMTRAX is a system that allows us to view information about your Komatsu forklifts online. KOMTRAX is most commonly used for the following key features:

  • Working record review
  • Fuel consumption
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Daily reports
  • Monthly status summaries

 In today’s fast changing environment information is key and the status and location of your equipment is paramount. KOMTRAX systems can track your equipment in the field and maximise output through increased efficiencies and timely maintenance.


How does KOMTRAX work?

  • GPS satellite provides position information to your equipment in the field.
  • The KOMTRAX unit in your machine gathers engine data and position and sends this information to the satellite.
  • The communication satellite transmits information to the KOMTRAX data centre.
  • The KOMTRAX data centre stores and distributes the information throughout the machine life.
  • We can access the information gathered from your machine directly via the Internet from the KOMTRAX data centre.


What can KOMTRAX do?

  • Service Meter Reading
  • Location
  • Operation map (times of day the engine was on/off)
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Average hourly fuel consumption
  • Residual fuel level
  • High water temperature during the day’s operation
  • Dashboard cautions
  • Maintenance reminders/notifications
  • Six digit abnormality code
  • Actual working hours (engine on time less idle time)
  • Operation hours in each work mode (economy, power, travelling, lifting)
  • Travel hours


How do I get KOMTRAX?

KOMTRAX is standard equipment on selected Komatsu forklifts, and it will continue to be installed as “standard” on almost every forklift model change.  


How much does KOMTRAX cost?

Komatsu Forklift Australia has invested in better serving our customers and continuously improving our products and support – whilst other manufacturers may charge a premium for basic GPS products, Komatsu Forklift Australia will provide the KOMTRAX® free of charge.