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Komatsu Forklift Sales in Newcastle

Forklift Sales Newcastle

Komatsu forklifts are known for their reliable quality and performance. At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we supply, hire and repair genuine Komatsu forklifts in Newcastle

We also have a range of electric and diesel forklifts for sale, including the latest models on offer, & a range of quality used forklifts.

With helpful and flexible payment plans on offer at Komatsu Finance, we’ll get your business equipped and ready for work.

Perks of buying a forklift 

Forklift rentals are a popular option in Newcastle for those that want the flexibility to scale up or down their fleet or try out new developments. They also are cheaper up front. However, they do cost more in the long run and at the end of the lease these forklifts aren’t counted in your assets. By buying forklifts you could save more and have the fastest and most convenient access to forklifts for your business. 

We can make it easier for you to purchase forklifts, with convenient and tailored financial products.

The Komatsu Difference

Komatsu is a Japanese based technology company providing machinery from press machines to lasers, forklifts and earthmoving equipment on a global level. We have made a commitment to quality and reliability, not just in our products but also in our employees and therefore in the way we innovate and serve our customers.

But that’s not all, here is what we have on offer:

  • Electric or diesel forklifts

Smaller and compact, electrical forklifts are easier to navigate in indoor areas and tighter spaces. They also don’t emit exhaust gases or much noise, so it doesn’t add hazards or disturbances to your workplace. 

Gas and Diesel forklifts, are available in a larger range of lifting capacities which makes them significantly superior for heavy outdoors work. Their pneumatic tyres give them better control and handling with rougher outdoor environments, and they are resistant to rain and inclement weather. Fitted with ergonomic designs and safety features, you can also rest assured that your operators get the best safety & visibility with the least amount of fatigue. 

  • Energy efficiency 

At Komatsu, we have always been looking for opportunities to optimise the different features in our design. Komatsu electric forklifts are made with energy saving features, giving you extended hours of operation. In our engine powered ranges, our models also have reduced fuel consumption technologies, so that you can enjoy the savings with lower fuel costs.

  • Attachments

If you require any attachments at Komatsu Forklift Australia, we can also provide it to you. Let our salespeople know if you require any clamps, rotators or slippers.

  • Tyres

Three types of tyres are featured in our range of forklifts for sale, which are puncture proof, pneumatic or cushion tyres. Puncture proof tyres are solid rubber with no air, and like the name suggests, they are free from punctures making for low maintenance. However, they have limited cushioning. Pneumatic tyres are ribbed and provide great grip, for smoother driving on the outdoor terrain. While cushion tyres are smooth rubbed tyres that are best suited on smooth surfaces such as inside warehouses.

  • Used Forklift Sales 

Want to buy a forklift but looking for a really good price? Komatsu has a collection of used forklifts for sale at competitive prices. We inspect and assess every used forklift before we put it up for offer.

Want to find out more about getting a forklift in Newcastle? 

Contact today on (02) 4961 9907!

In addition to our impressive forklift hire and rental service, we also sell new and used Komatsu forklifts. 

Komatsu is the highly regarded brand for an impressive superior range of machinery for construction, earthworks, mining, manufacturing & materials handling. We take our approach to technological advancement, safe ergonomic designs and advancements in sustainability to all levels of our products.

At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we supply you the leading-edge forklifts to power up your business in Melbourne. As well as flexible and affordable payment plans with Komatsu Finance. 

Our range of genuine Komatsu electric and diesel forklifts for sale employ the latest innovations in engineering, safety & ergonomic design to achieve the highest levels of reliability, quality and performance.

We also offer repairs, maintenance and our satellite monitoring technology, to help make sure you’re always getting the most out of the machines you buy from us. 

Buying vs Renting forklifts in Melbourne

Whether you should buy or rent a forklift or some, is dependent on the status of your finances and the nature of your business. Renting does have its benefits with maintenance included, taxation benefits, regular technology upgrades and easy scalability. Although forklift hire costs less upfront, over time it can cost more.

For larger companies or those that are in the position to do so, buying a fleet of forklifts is a cheaper option in the long run. It also allows you and your workforce to have access to these forklifts whenever they are needed. They also add a valuable asset to your company which you can use to borrow against in future. 

Make use of all the benefits that owning your own Komatsu forklifts gives you and contact our forklift sales in Melbourne.

Electric vs Diesel

The nature of your workplace is a determining factor in deciding what forklift to purchase. Consider both the weight of the products that needs lifting, as well as whether your workplace is indoors or outdoors and the nature of the floors. Electric forklifts have a limited lifting capacity (1.8-3.0 tonnes), but they are also smaller, more compact, and emit less pollutants making them great for indoor use. Diesel or other fuel-based forklifts have a higher lifting capacity, up to 25 tonnes, better load control and handling in outdoor terrain, and excellent weather resistance. 

There are three types of tyres featured in our range: pneumatic, puncture-proof and cushion. 

  • Pneumatic – Ribbed, textured and filled with air. These tyres have a smooth handling on the road and great traction for control but may require more maintenance.
  • Puncture proof – Smooth and solid, with these tyres you do not need to worry about punctures as the name suggests, however they don’t provide the smooth handling on rougher, uneven terrain. 
  • Cushion – Made from solid rubber wrapped around a metal band, these tyres give you a comfortable ride on smooth surfaces, ideal for smooth indoor concrete floors.

In consideration of the terrain, we can recommend the forklift which is the most appropriate. We also can supply forklift attachments at a competitive rate.

Used Forklifts for Great Value

If you are looking to buy a Komatsu forklift but are still worried about costs, you can grab a great bargain with our used forklifts on sale. We conduct a complete and comprehensive inspection of every used equipment that we list and sell.

For any queries or for more information about forklifts in Victoria, contact our team today! Call us on (03) 9931 1008!

Now, when you buy a new Komatsu forklift the warranty runs for up to 5 years or 10,000 hours operation*.

Why buy new when used will do?  Komatsu Forklift Australia offers a wide range of used equipment, both Komatsu and non-Komatsu, backed by our national support network.  We complete a comprehensive inspection and assessment on all our used equipment, including ex rental units & machines traded. This gives you peace of mind in the Komatsu promise of reliability and quality, in all the forklifts we have for sale in Sydney.

For Small and Large Businesses, Corporations and Government bodies

Using Komatsu Forklift Finance to fund your forklifts will maximise your cash flow. We can finance forklifts in a vast range of businesses including mining, transport & logistics, civil construction, manufacturing, rail, and many other industries.


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