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Komatsu Forklift Australia manages and owns one of the largest forklift fleets in Australia. With almost 3000 units in the fleet, the company's experience and expertise has led to the development of a practical system of fleet management that offers many benefits to the customer.


The system features include:

  • Maximum the utilisation of each piece of equipment
  • Matching the suitability of each unit to the specific task
  • On-going auditing of application usage
  • Minimisation of unscheduled costs
  • Flexibility of quantity and specification of equipment to meet your changing needs
  • Identifying innovative solutions to ultimately reduce the Total Cost of Ownership / Hiring of forklifts

Komatsu Forklift Australia continually endeavours to improve its fleet by utilising Fleet Management K.P.I's to drive down costs. These K.P.I's include:

  • Maintenance costs per hour/week
  • Utilisation reports
  • Tyre usage/cost
  • Programmed maintenance schedules
  • Excess hour reports
  • Direct charge reports

Contact us to find out more about our Fleet Management offerings and how we can taylor a package best suited to your business needs.

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