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Komatsu Forklifts Online Disclosure

Komatsu has a zero tolerance for workplace fraud and unethical conduct. 


Theft – includes theft of a physical item such as inventory, plant & equipment and tools.

Fraud – includes kickbacks, falsification of invoices, theft of cash, abuse of company credit card, theft of electronic or hard copy information, and theft of time (abuse of attendance records/clock).

Harassment / Bullying – includes intimidation, threats and abuse in the workplace.

Discrimination – includes discrimination on the basis of race, colour, gender, age, religion and any other form of discrimination.

Safety & Environment – includes hazards not being addressed and incidents not being reported.

Unethical or other forms of Unacceptable Conduct – includes employees running a business in competition with Komatsu, wilful damage to company property, utilising company resources for private purposes without approval and any other breach of legislation or company policy.


At Komatsu, we believe that making the company aware of any breaches (whistleblowing) is an appropriate means of protecting Komatsu and its employees.

Stopline is a service that has been established by Komatsu for use by staff members, contractors and other stakeholders to provide information relating to any breaches or concerns. You may remain anonymous if you wish. 

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