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Komatsu Forklifts is a proud member of AITA, an industry body that promotes the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction.


The AITA represents the interests of major suppliers of lift trucks and associated equipment in Australia. The major focus of AITA is to ensure the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction.

The AITA plays an active role in the development of Australian and International Standards for the forklift industry and in promoting the highest standards of safe use of equipment by producing guidance documents and through the conduct of annual National Forklift Safety Seminars.

The AITA is governed by a National Council and supported by an Engineering Committee. 

Being an AITA member gives peace of mind to our customers.

As an Australian Industrial Truck Association member Komatsu Forklift Australia implements, maintains and embraces the principles of the AITA Code of Conduct to ensure the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction.

The AITA Code of Conduct covers five distinct areas:

Workplace Health & Safety
Komatsu Forklift Australia complies with all laws and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace and maintains high safety standards. We make sure our equipment complies with the relevant Australian Standards and we provide correct machine safety measures, deal promptly with inquiries related to safety of equipment and take effective action where appropriate.

Komatsu Forklift Australia  ensures that all our equipment meets the relevant Australian Standards, that it is suitable for its intended purpose and delivered in a safe and serviceable condition with all relevant user information provided. 

We provide only competent and suitably trained personnel to service and repair equipment as well as offering regular inspection and service programs in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Komatsu Forklift Australia makes sure that our clients are familiar with equipment controls and the contents of parts of the Operator’s Manual. In some cases we also make the purchaser aware of optional extras, explain the benefits of these to enhance safer operations and offer relevant training for operator certification.

Customer Relations
Komatsu Forklift Australia agrees to behave with integrity, exercise care in the day to day conduct of our business relationships and deal promptly with all queries or complaints from our clients.

Komatsu Forklift Australia accurately presents all the facts relating to a contract and respects confidential information supplied to us by our clients in the course of business.

Komatsu Forklift Australia complies with all applicable environmental laws and we are proactive in looking for ways to improve the contribution of the industry to a better world environment.


Click here to visit the AITA website or Download the "Play it safe" brochure.





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