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Discover the Best Komatsu Forklifts for your business in Melbourne

Rent or Hire a Forklift in Melbourne

Known for our high-quality and reliable products, Komatsu forklifts will see you through all your lifting needs. 

With short and long-term leases available on the latest models, and same day delivery in Melbourne, we’re able to deliver you forklifts when you need them most. So you can start moving again and get productive as soon as possible.

Whether the unexpected happens or you suddenly need to move more, we can connect you with just the right Komatsu forklift to see you through. 

Our prices for forklift rentals start from $25* a day. Prices vary depending on the type of forklift you are looking at.

In addition our rental forklifts comply to all mandatory safety standards & we provide the operators manual and daily check list to all forklift renters.

The Komatsu brand

Komatsu Ltd is a global company based in Japan, manufacturing the highest quality machinery for construction, mining, earthworks, forestry, manufacturing and materials handling. Komatsu Forklift Australia distributes Komatsu forklifts in Australia. 

Our products are well known for their quality & reliability. Together we’re empowering the Aussie workforce.

The Leading Forklift Supplier

Here is what you can expect from a Komatsu forklift rental:

  • Latest models
  • Operator safety and comfort
  • Class leading quality & reliability
  • 24 / 7 Service support

All Komatsu forklifts are built to look after the workers involved, with vibration dampening, fingertip lever control and ergonomic designs. Look through our range of forklifts for more information. Our forklifts are available in puncture proof, pneumatic or cushion tyres. 

Electric Forklift Rentals

Hire an electric counterbalance forklift for efficient warehouse operations.

Battery electric forklifts are the more environmentally friendly choice as they do not emit any harmful exhaust emissions. As such, they are more suitable to indoor environments as no harmful pollutants build up in the contained air for workers. They are also very quiet, so there is less of a disturbance to workers. Electric forklifts are smaller and more compact than LPG or diesel forklifts so are easier to manoeuvre, especially in the tighter spaces of indoor operations. 

Read more and contact us on (03) 9931 1008 for a quote on our electric forklift hire in Melbourne.

  • Long battery life
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Small and compact
  • Easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • Quiet
  • Perfect for indoor use

Gas & Diesel Forklift Rentals

Hire an engine powered forklift for reliable outdoor lifting

These forklifts are bigger and more heavy duty. They are suited for outdoor usage with excellent weather resistance, torque and are available in greater lifting capacities. Komatsu has a wide range of different engine forklifts for this use, with machines that are either powered by diesel or dual fuel (LPG & Petrol). Our FH range of forklifts boast the latest technological advancements of hydrostatic drive systems that are designed to minimise heat loss and slippage, and therefore reducing fuel consumption. With exhaust outlets cleverly installed in the lower counterweight area to point away from the operator and their vision. Durable, tough and reliable for whatever you throw at it.

Read more and call (03) 9931 1008 for a quote for our gas and diesel forklift hire in Melbourne.

  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Great Stability
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Perfect for outdoor use

Contact Komatsu Forklift Australia today, and get that lease!!


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