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Discover the Best Komatsu Forklifts for your business in Perth

When people think Komatsu Forklifts, they think innovation. 

Our forklifts for hire in Perth are reliable, high quality and known for their superior performance. If you are looking for a forklift for a short time hire or a longer lease, Komatsu Forklift Australia can equip your workforce for the task at hand.

Fuel and energy efficient, with great load handling in both our electric and diesel ranges, you know you can rely on our brand to keep you going. Add to this our use of some of the latest technologies and our flexible and customer orientated service, there is no one who can beat Komatsu in forklift hire

Scale up your workplace today, with forklift hires from $25* a day. Same day delivery available. 

Hire a forklift in Perth from us today and discover the Komatsu difference 

  • Wide range of forklifts to hire – Komatsu has a large range of electric and gas, diesel, LPG or petrol fuelled forklifts to choose from, for your application. So whether you need something efficient and compact for your indoors, or larger with greater lifting capacity for outdoor terrain, we have it.

  • High Lifting Capacity – At Komatsu, strength and performance is in our blood. Our Gas & Diesel range of forklifts reach to a massive 25 tonne capacity.

  • Ergonomic Design – Safety, comfort and ease of use is kept in mind through the innovative design and manufacturing of our products. From levers that can be operated easily from a touch of your fingertips, to brake pedals that minimise fatigue, as well as dual vibration cushioning, your forklift drivers will appreciate the experience they get from a Komatsu forklift.

  • Energy Efficient – As a much-trusted technology brand we thoroughly understand the importance of optimising fuel and energy use. Besides exercising sustainability with responsible fuel & energy usage, it also helps you cut down on your overheads.

  • Specialised forklifts – Our desire to lead the way doesn’t stop there. We offer you a range of forklifts with specialised features to choose from, such as hydrostatic drive forklifts & tyre Handlers.

  • Attachments – We can also include forklift attachments as per your requirements. Let us know if you need slippers, clamps or rotators.

  • KOMTRAX – Featured in selected models is our KOMATRAX satellite monitoring technology. With KOMTRAX, we can easily track fuel consumption, working records, get daily reports and be notified when your machine needs service or maintenance.

  • Repair included in rental costs – The repair and maintenance for fair wear and tear is included in the cost that you pay in rent, so you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Immediate hire – We have a fleet of 2.5 tonne hire forklifts available at every location ready for your immediate use, delivered on the same day you order.

  • Tax deductible – Improve your operations productivity while minimising tax at the same time.

Contact us today!

At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we pride ourselves on the services that we’re able to give our customers. If you have any questions, or concerns, or simply want to know more from a specialist get in touch today on: (08) 9353 3217


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