Komatsu Forklift Australia launched the first new warehouse equipment brand downunder in over 20 years. OMG, one of Europe’s most prestigious and fastest growing warehouse equipment manufacturers, was unveiled today to become a valuable addition to the Komatsu range. 

The Komatsu team, including Mr Hironaka, Vice President Komatsu Utility Japan, from Komatsu Forklift Australia Managing Director Ted Ishikawa, and General Manager, Joe Hashem were joined by OMG’s Export Manager Massimo Marchetti to celebrate the release of the OMG range that includes a reach truck, renown for the best vision in the industry.

The OMG addition completes the range for Komatsu Forklift Australia and all were gathered to celebrate the arrival one of Europe’s most prestigious forklift brands to the Australian market.

Australia now has access to one of the safest forklifts in the world. With the best through mast vision from any reach truck that the industry has ever seen. With OMG now here the choice of forklift has been made easy anyone keen on the best OH&S options for their drivers. It offers the best visibility of any reach truck available in Australia.

Comments from industry at the launch highlighted that the equipment speaks for itself, the design is very suited to the Australian market, and brings with it all the latest options and AC technology.

With international guests and industry heavies in attendance at the launch, Komatsu Forklift Australia was celebrating the fact they are the ones to bring OMG to Australia and proud to announce that with the addition of OMG to the Komatsu Family they now have all solutions from small power pallet movers to 25 tonne forklifts.

Komatsu forklift has 11 factory owned branches and a network of dealers across Australia to provide access to the sales, rental and maintenance of its complete product range. Now the industry doesn’t have to think Oh My God where do I go? It’s OMG here I come. Who’s the name in forklifts….Komatsu that’s who!