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Komatsu Tyre Handler - 10 to 25 Tonne Capacity IC Engine Forklift

DCP_1225,Callide tyre handler3
DCP_1226,Callide tyre handler7
DCP_1227,Callide tyre handler5
DCP_1229,Callide tyre handler9
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Series Model Nominal
Tyre Weight
Maximum Tyre OD

Applicable Tyre

EX FD100-8 10000 Diesel 1900 3210 24.00 R35
EX FD115-8 11500 Diesel 2450 3210 27.00 R49
EX FD135-8 13500 Diesel 3100 3210 27.00 R49
EX FD160E-8 16000 Diesel 4300 3210 36.00 R41
GX FD200-7 20000 Diesel 8000 4000 40.00 R57
GX FD250-7 25000 Diesel 10500 TBA TBA


Wide Lineup

Komatsu Tyre Handlers are available from 500 kg capacity to 10,500 kg capacity with a maximum tyre outer diameter (O.D.) of 3210 mm to 4000 mm for large mining vehicles. Special sizes are available upon request.

Have a special requirement? No problem, all our tyre handlers are purpose built to meet our customers individual needs.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Air cleaner with automatic dust ejector 
  • Optimum oil level efficiency
  • Hydraulic load sensing valve
  • Reserve tank for maintaining Engine coolant
  • Wet Disc brakes standard on FX Series
  • Now, when you buy a new Komatsu forklift the warranty runs for 5 years or 10,000 hours operation (Subject to Komatsu Forklift Australia warranty terms & conditions).


Komatsu Reliability

Komatsu’s exclusive, integrated design provides superb value, reliability and versatility. The manipulator stands up to the toughest conditions, offering optimum productivity in combination with our rugged large capacity heavy-duty trucks. It is a real workhorse that can handle the heaviest tyres with ease.


Environmental & Operator Safety

Solid grip and precise hydraulic control, the Komatsu Tyre Handler offers maximum safety inside workshops or outside on the mining field.  The operator can move the tyre up or down, tilt it, shift it to the side, body rotate and pad rotate it with complete confidence, mounting the whole tyre assembly over the wheel hub and lining it up with the mounting holes with pinpoint accuracy.  He can position the tyre before fitting it to the rim, turn it for inspection and move it and stack it for storage, all safely and surely.


 Multi Function Controls

Multi-function hydraulic operation offers six independent functions, lift, tilt, side-shift, 360 degree body rotation, clamp and pad rotation. They are all standard with the Komatsu Tyre Handler. Each control lever is ergonomically placed to the right of the steering wheel so the operator can easily identify which is which.

 All Images are for illustrative purposes only. Design of tyre handler may vary.
Tyre Handler
Komatsu Tyre Handler - 10 to 25 Tonne Capacity IC Engine Forklift


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