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Kevrek Pole Grab


Originally designed and manufactured for the repair and maintenance on the network of Power poles, the need for the Kevrek Pole Grab has expanded over the years and is now widely used around Western Australia by a variety of Companies.

Manufactured from high tensile alloy steel, the Pole grab will clamp around and support a vertical pole whilst work is carried out on overhead wires. The Pole Grab mounts to the boom of a specially modified Kevrek 1000SG which has a unique hydraulic hose tracking system on the side of the boom extending them out to 3 meters.

With the Pole Grab removed, the 1000SG can be operated as a normal loading crane.

Proudly Designed & Manufactured in Australia

Standard Features:
990/1250kg Lifting Capacity at 1.2m (with grab removed)
4 Metre Full Extension
Emergency Stop
Operator Safety Zone
Hose Burst Protection
Valve Control Hand Guard
Load Indicator

Pole Grab Features:
Energy Chain System for Hydraulic Hoses
Stainless Lift & Grab Cylinder Rods
Leg Cut out Switch
Hose Spiral Wrap
Pole Grab Complete

Hydraulic stabiliser leg
Manual swing up stabiliser leg
2,3,4,5 or 6 function pendant
Fully Proportional Radio remote control

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Pole Grab
Kevrek Pole Grab


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