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Discover the Best Komatsu Forklifts for your business in Brisbane

Forklift Sales Brisbane

Forklift Sales Brisbane 

Komatsu Forklifts are set apart from our competitors for their superior reliability and performance. If you want to access the latest standards of comfort, design and innovation, look no further than Komatsu Forklifts for sale in Queensland.

We supply electric, diesel and LPG forklifts to various industries, including manufacturing, recycling, distribution, construction, earthworks, mining, etc.

Why should you buy forklifts on sale in Brisbane?

  • Buying a fleet of forklifts could offer more savings in the long run
  • Have access to use forklifts whenever you want, wherever you want
  • Adds assets to your business

Why should you buy forklifts for sale in Queensland from Komatsu?

  • Flexible payment: At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we also offer flexible payment options whether you want to purchase a forklift or a few or get into a lease. 

  • Warranty: Every new Komatsu forklift also comes with up to five years or 10,000 hours warranty. 

  • Smart Tracking and Service: Komatsu offers KOMTRAX satellite monitoring technology in select models. This technology allows Komatsu Forklifts to monitor work and machine performance, track fuel consumption, and tune into daily reports. It also helps us give you the best of services with advice on utilising your fleet or knowing when your machines need repair or maintenance. 

  • Repairs and Maintenance: With over 90 years of engineering experience, Komatsu provides expert repair and maintenance services for your forklifts. Our service engineers are available everywhere 24/7, with fixed prices, with our genuine Komatsu repair parts and lubricants.

New and Used Komatsu forklifts for sale in Queensland:

Our latest models include precision, reliability and comfort features. Additionally, energy-saving and fuel-efficient technologies in our range make our forklifts highly sought after for their ability to save more money on running costs and emit less emissions.

  • Electric forklifts - Our range of electric forklifts are small and compact, with a lifting capacity of up to 3.0 tonnes. They are ideal forklifts to use for indoor manufacturing plants and warehouses. Their energy-saving features, durability and waterproof capability, make the new 1.8-3.0 models suitable for outdoor use.
  • Diesel and LPG forklifts Our engine-powered forklifts come in a range of gas, diesel, LPG and petrol models. These forklifts are perfect for outdoor use with good torque, impressive lifting capacities (up to 25 tonnes!) and excellent durability.

We also have a collection of used forklifts for sale in Brisbane that you can get cheap and at great value. We sell ex-rental units and other previously owned Komatsu forklifts from across Australia. Before we put any used forklifts on offer, our expert service engineers assess them thoroughly to ensure they meet all necessary standards.

At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we’re proud of servicing businesses in Brisbane and all over Queensland. If you have any questions or want more information, call us today (07) 3376 3355!

Alternatively, head to to contact us at our Rockhampton, Townsville or Cairns bases.


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