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Komatsu Forklift Sales in Newcastle

Forklift Sales Newcastle

Komatsu forklifts are known for their reliable quality and performance. At Komatsu Forklift Australia, we supply, hire and repair genuine Komatsu forklifts in Newcastle

We also have a range of electric and diesel forklifts for sale, including the latest models on offer, & a range of quality used forklifts.

With helpful and flexible payment plans on offer at Komatsu Finance, we’ll get your business equipped and ready for work.

Perks of buying a forklift 

Forklift rentals are a popular option in Newcastle for those that want the flexibility to scale up or down their fleet or try out new developments. They also are cheaper up front. However, they do cost more in the long run and at the end of the lease these forklifts aren’t counted in your assets. By buying forklifts you could save more and have the fastest and most convenient access to forklifts for your business. 

We can make it easier for you to purchase forklifts, with convenient and tailored financial products.

The Komatsu Difference

Komatsu is a Japanese based technology company providing machinery from press machines to lasers, forklifts and earthmoving equipment on a global level. We have made a commitment to quality and reliability, not just in our products but also in our employees and therefore in the way we innovate and serve our customers.

But that’s not all, here is what we have on offer:

  • Electric or diesel forklifts

Smaller and compact, electrical forklifts are easier to navigate in indoor areas and tighter spaces. They also don’t emit exhaust gases or much noise, so it doesn’t add hazards or disturbances to your workplace. 

Gas and Diesel forklifts, are available in a larger range of lifting capacities which makes them significantly superior for heavy outdoors work. Their pneumatic tyres give them better control and handling with rougher outdoor environments, and they are resistant to rain and inclement weather. Fitted with ergonomic designs and safety features, you can also rest assured that your operators get the best safety & visibility with the least amount of fatigue. 

  • Energy efficiency 

At Komatsu, we have always been looking for opportunities to optimise the different features in our design. Komatsu electric forklifts are made with energy saving features, giving you extended hours of operation. In our engine powered ranges, our models also have reduced fuel consumption technologies, so that you can enjoy the savings with lower fuel costs.

  • Attachments

If you require any attachments at Komatsu Forklift Australia, we can also provide it to you. Let our salespeople know if you require any clamps, rotators or slippers.

  • Tyres

Three types of tyres are featured in our range of forklifts for sale, which are puncture proof, pneumatic or cushion tyres. Puncture proof tyres are solid rubber with no air, and like the name suggests, they are free from punctures making for low maintenance. However, they have limited cushioning. Pneumatic tyres are ribbed and provide great grip, for smoother driving on the outdoor terrain. While cushion tyres are smooth rubbed tyres that are best suited on smooth surfaces such as inside warehouses.

  • Used Forklift Sales 

Want to buy a forklift but looking for a really good price? Komatsu has a collection of used forklifts for sale at competitive prices. We inspect and assess every used forklift before we put it up for offer.

Want to find out more about getting a forklift in Newcastle? 

Contact today on (02) 4961 9907!


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