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Friday, 04 December 2015 10:02

Komatsu Utility Japan Welcomes Komatsu Forklift Australia

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I am extremely pleased to be here today for the officially launch of Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty (Proprietary) Ltd., supported by many of our customers , distinguished guests, and our staff.

Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty Ltd was established by Komatsu Ltd on the 1st of April 2009. This was achieved through Komatsu Ltd acquiring all the shares of Red Australia Pty Ltd which had been owned and operated since 1998 by Sumitomo Corporation as our well-established distributor of Komatsu branded forklift trucks in Australia. 

Komatsu defines the Australian market as one of its most critical markets in the world. The Background of our acquisition decision is based on our strong expectation on Australia to grow incrementally and steadily as a prosperous nation. Australia enjoys outstanding results in international comparisons of national performance such as economic freedom, population growth, technological advance , industrialization and quality of life in the longer term. The Attractiveness of the material handling equipment market will have a high correlation with such factors and thus the market is expected to grow continuously and steadily. We understand that this matured and diversified market could also provide us experience that can be applied to other markets to take advantage of our business capability as a world-wide manufacturer. The Full acquisition of Red Australia is Komatsu’s long term commitment to directly communicate to its customers in the Australian market and this is a key driver of our acquisition. Australia becomes our first Forklift market for a direct distributor operation. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.

Komatsu has multiple corporate functions in its organization. Those functions are Research, Product Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, and Product Support. Each of those business components are not isolated and they closely communicate to each other to deliver attractive products to the market in a timely manner and to support the customers using them. This close communication makes us enable to timely solve issues raised in the market and to feed back customer needs to our Product Development for any design changes of the next generation models. We believe that such timely reactions are our strength as a world wide manufacturer. Needless to say, Komatsu Forklift Australia can fully enjoy such strength as they are now truly a part of this communication chain.

As stated just before, our commitment is to stay long and steady in this market. We strongly believe that generating benefits in both customer side and in our side is very important to achieve the commitment. Customers enjoy benefit by using our product and our product support capability. We have high expectation on decreasing your cost of ownership and we believe assist in improving your productivity. We also enjoy generating benefit through our various activities in the market. Such win-win situation is the key to our everlasting relationship and we will supply our products and any other services based on such concept.

In finishing I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everybody for your ongoing support to Komatsu Forklift Australia. I very much looking forward to the Prosperous development and long term health of all of our customers and this company in the future.

Mr Susumu Isoda


Komatsu Utility Co. Ltd. Japan

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