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Thursday, 11 May 2023 23:40

Komatsu Forklift supporting at the Royal Sydney Easter show 2023 Featured

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We were at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2023 and let's just say the axes were swinging and the logs were tall!
Our small but mighty Komatsu forklifts were there to lend a helping hand and boy did they impress. These little powerhouses can handle anything you throw their way!

We recently attended the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2023 and let me tell you, it was one heck of an event! The woodchop arena was the center of attention, and our small but mighty Komatsu forklifts stole the show. 

These little powerhouses can handle anything you throw their way. From heavy loads to tight spaces, our Komatsu forklifts make any job look easy. And at the Royal Easter Show, they proved their worth by making sure all the waste logs were removed and replaced to ensure seamless logistics of the wood-chopping events ran to schedule.

The Royal Easter Show was a huge success this year, with sell-out days and better than ever! And we were proud to be front and center in the woodchop arena, showcasing our Komatsu forklifts. Did you know that we've been proudly supporting the Royal Easter Show since 2015? That's right! We're committed to delivering quality equipment that exceeds expectations and makes your job easier.

So, if you want a forklift that can handle anything you throw its way, choose Komatsu. Our forklifts are small but mighty, and we promise you won't be disappointed. Thanks for listening, and we can't wait to see you at the next big event!




Frequently Asked Questions about Forklift Hire:

  1. How much does it cost to hire a forklift?

The cost of hiring a forklift varies depending on the type of forklift, the duration of the hire, and the location of the rental company. On average, you can expect to pay around $250 to $500 per week for a basic counterbalance forklift.

  1. Can I hire a forklift for a short period of time?

Yes, you can hire a forklift for a short period of time, such as a day, a week, or a month. This is ideal for businesses that only need a forklift for a specific project or during peak periods.

  1. What is included in a forklift hire agreement?

A forklift hire agreement typically includes the rental of the forklift, delivery and pick-up of the equipment, and maintenance and repairs during the rental period. Some rental companies may also offer operator training.


Forklift hire is a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses that need material handling equipment. With a wide range of equipment available, and the option to hire for short or long periods of time, forklift rental is a flexible solution that can help businesses of all sizes meet their material handling needs. Whether you're looking for a counterbalance forklift, a reach truck, or another type of equipment, there's a forklift rental company that can help you find the right equipment for your needs. So why not consider forklift hire for your next material handling project?

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