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Komatsu EX Series - 10 to 16 Tonne Capacity IC Engine Forklift

Model Fuel Type Rated Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Tyres Mast (m) Turning Radius (mm)
FD100-8 Diesel 10000 600 Pneumatic Full range 4000
FD115-8 Diesel 11500 600 Pneumatic Full range 4010
FD135-8 Diesel 13500 600 Pneumatic Full range 4300
FD160E-8 Diesel 16000 600 Pneumatic Full range 4500

 Komatsu puts its technologies and know-how into the design and construction of the EX50 engine. With its 4 key cutting edge technologies, the engine provides better fuel efficiency, maximum productivity, and lowered operating costs.

The EX50’s excellent visibility, operator comfort and ease of operation are all designed to deliver greater operator productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Operating Costs
  • Hydraulic load sensing valve
  • The EX50’s large fuel tank reduces the need for frequent fill-ups and easy-to-see inspection windows show fuel and oil levels.
  • A unique air cleaner automatically ejects airborne dust to reduce clogging of the filter element, thus improving suction efficiency and improving filter element life.
  • A reserve tank for engine coolant keeps the system at a constant level and eliminates the need for frequent refills.
  • Now, when you buy a new Komatsu forklift the warranty runs for 5 years or 10,000 hours operation (Subject to Komatsu Forklift Australia warranty terms & conditions).

Introducing the robust and versatile 10 to 16 tonne capacity forklift, a true powerhouse designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty material handling. Built to tackle the toughest tasks easily, combining exceptional lifting capacity, superior performance, and reliable operation.

Equipped with a robust IC engine, this forklift delivers remarkable power and torque, ensuring smooth and efficient operations in even the most challenging environments. Whether you're dealing with bulky loads, dense pallets, or oversized materials, this forklift has the strength and agility to handle them all.

The forklift's advanced engineering and sturdy construction provide excellent stability and durability. It features a rugged chassis and a reinforced mast system, ensuring maximum strength and reliability during demanding lifting operations. With its solid construction, this forklift is built to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty applications, delivering exceptional longevity and minimising downtime.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, the forklift offers a spacious and ergonomic cabin that prioritises efficiency and convenience. The intuitive controls and adjustable seating position enhance operator productivity and reduce fatigue, even during extended working hours. Additionally, the panoramic view and strategically placed mirrors optimise visibility, ensuring safe and precise maneuverability in tight spaces.

Safety is paramount; this forklift incorporates various features to promote a secure working environment. It includes advanced stability systems, such as stability control and load monitoring, to enhance operator confidence and prevent accidents. The forklift also boasts exceptional braking capabilities, enabling precise control and stopping power when needed.

Maintenance is made effortless with easy access to vital components and user-friendly diagnostic systems, ensuring quick and efficient servicing. This forklift is engineered to minimise downtime, allowing operators to focus on their tasks without unnecessary interruptions.

Whether you're handling heavy loads in construction sites, warehouses, or industrial facilities, the 10 to 16-tonne capacity forklift is a reliable and robust solution that guarantees outstanding performance and durability. With its power, agility, and operator-friendly features, this forklift is the ultimate companion for heavy-duty material handling, providing exceptional productivity and peace of mind.

Komatsu Reliability
  • A highly rigid frame enhances truck durability and load handling performance. Use of a main frame structure that consists of a single piece of thick plate steel provides high rigidity against twisting caused by static steering, turning, or uneven surfaces resulting in excellent truck durability and load-handling performance.

  • High pressure compressed fuel is stored in an accumulator chamber called a common rail. The fuel is injected into each cylinder at the proper time by an ECU (electronic controlled unit). This high pressure compression rail system optimizes fuel burn and greatly reduces fuel consumption.


Environmental & Operator Safety
  • Clean, powerful diesel engine
  • Low noise
  • Komatsu's Hydraulic Suspension Cab (HSC) mount system raises the operator’s cab from the vehicle chassis with a hydraulic suspension system that absorbs most operational vibration. This greatly helps improve operator comfort to reduce fatigue even during long work shifts.

  • Operational visibility is greatly enhanced through improvements of the shape of the top of the counterweight and through an increased distance between the inner mast rails. Rearward visibility has been improved through a downward angle to the top edge of the counterweight. Also, forward visibility has been improved by re positioning the lift chains to the outside rail.
  • Deluxe Suspension seat is standard on all EX range of forklifts

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10 to 16 Tonne Capacity Diesel Engine Forklift


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