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Reach Truck 1.4 to 2.5 Tonne Capacity

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MRdash (Medium)6
MR2 (Medium)
IMGP3682 (Medium)4
IMGP3684 (Medium)7
IMGP3683 (Medium)9
IMGP3685 (Medium)8
Model Fuel Type Rated Capacity (kg) Load Centre (kg) Tyres Mast (m) Turning Radius (mm)
MR14 Battery 1400 600 Vulkollan Up to 10.5 1671
MR16 Battery 1600 600 Vulkollan Up to 10.5 1718
MR16N Battery 1600 600 Vulkollan Up to 9.0 1700
MR16HD Battery 1600 600 Vulkollan Up to 11.5 1718
MR20 Battery 2000 600 Vulkollan Up to 8.25 1767
MR20HD Battery 2000 600 Vulkollan Up to 12.5 1767
MR25 Battery 2500 600 Vulkollan Up to 8.25 1911


Built in Europe, the MR series "Moving Mast" reach truck range includes seven models in capacities from 1,400 kg to 2,500 kg and lift heights up to 12,500 mm.

In addition there are three chassis sizes available to precisely match the truck to your application.


The mono bloc chassis construction ensures maximum stability and superior mechanical strength in all drive and stacking situations, maintaining high residual capacities even at maximum heights.

The battery compartment is easily accessible by the standard battery removal system utilising the reach to extract & retract the battery.

Operator’s driving position

The result of a thorough ergonomic study, the operator’s position ensures maximum operating comfort. Each control component is easily accessible to grant productivity and precision for a total efficiency:

  • Sprung seat with lumbar, longitudinal adjustment in accordance with the operator’s weight
  • Longitudinally adjustable steering wheel
  • Anti slip operator’s feet platform
  • LCD display showing the following necessary data for the manoeuvre:
    • Parking brake indicator, warning lights (neutral position, controller overheating, motor overheating)
    • Operating hours indicator, speedometer, “On” indicator for the slow traction (turtle push button), different power output ways E/S/H, E=economy S=standard H=super
    • Battery charge indicator


Features, a reliable three phase AC current traction drive motor able to meet the most demanding performance requirements. Delivering the necessary power under all load conditions & increased run times.

Steering wheel

Steering wheel with electronic components and motor which grants safe and silent operations with minimal force.

Steering wheel which can be longitudinally adjusted for an excellent driving comfort. Possibility to select the driving at 180° or 360° simply pressing on the desired push button.

Hydraulic functions

Powerful and noiseless lift motor is AC, controlled by proportional solenoids which regulate the pump rpm, always providing the right quantity of oil. All the hydraulic functions are controlled by finger tips which ensure precise and safe load handling for the operator. Lifting gear with integrated braking system allow gradual slow down at end of travel avoiding rough stops which could compromise load stability.


The masts are constructed from wrap around external section to ensure torsional and bending rigidity.

Masts are available with the following characteristics:

  • triplex with full free lift large total free lift and lifting heights available to 12,00 mm, and more on request;
  • tilting forks holder plate (Tilting Forks);
  • integrated lateral shift to avoid forward movement of the centre of gravity and maintain optimum residual capacities at all lifting heights.

Electronic system

The ECO-eLo energy efficiency mode reduces motor speed and optimises batery consumtion and can, dependent on the application reduce energy consumption by up to 20% without having a significant impact on overall productivity.

Dual CANbus technology ensures reliability & simplified maintenance.

The digital display monitor displays all the machine’s functions and allow many adjustments to optimise the performance of the machine, adapting it to the type of work it has to carry out. All the parameters relating to drive, braking and hydraulic functions are electronically adjustable according to the different customer needs.


Independent braking systems throughout the range:

  • Electric braking with energy recovery on reversal of direction of travel
  • Electric braking with energy recovery on release of the accelerator pedal
  • Automatic parking brake with drive inhibition
  • Hydraulic braking on drive wheel
Reach Truck - Moving Mast
1.4 Tonne to 2.5 Tonne Capacity - Sit Down - Reach Trucks


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