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Heavy Duty Reach Stacker 1.5 - 2.0 Tonne

Model Fuel Type Rated Capacity (kg) Load Centre (kg) Tyres Mast (m) Turning Radius (mm)
Viper 1.5 Battery 1500 600 Polyurethane Up to 5.2 1810
Viper 2.0 Battery 2000 600 Polyurethane Up to 6.0 1880

Power Steering, Side Shift and Tilting Carriage standard all models

Suitable to be used in areas with reduced space for loading and unloading goods the walkie reach stacker is the right solution for many applications. Operators will find the 1.5 & 2 tonne models easy and safe to use.

Safety Features

Dynamic braking with ramp start feature
Deadman braking & belly button reverse switch
Hydraulic & electronic overload protection
Emergency power disconnect
High speed cut out when forks over 1800mm
High speed cut out on 90o cornering
Key lock safety ignition
Wrap around handguards
Low speed selection switch
Hydraulic & electronic overload protection

Drive Train & Steering

Brushless, maintenance free, 24V AC Drive Motor with sealed bearings
Super quiet Direct Drive ZF Transmission
Curtis controlled system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving braking
Drive motors, transmission, brakes and drive wheel are coupled to the new DURA control handle
New, innovative design with power steering
Drive and Steering system mounted within the steel chassis for maximum protection


Chassis incorporates the latest Laser Lock technology. Lifetime warranty on chassis.
Fork carriage is an integrated welded unit and fully rollered to ensure smooth, long wearing performance.

Hydraulic System

Lower, lift, side shift, tilt and reach precision using power steering and VTC (Variable Total Control).
Full system filtration is provided on the input side of the lift pump to prevent contaminants entering the hydraulic system.
Built-in relief valve protects the system from overloads.

Electrical System

24V system powered by 290AH or 511AH traction battery.
The Curtis Programmable Control System with Multi-mode allows infinite control of all machine functions.
Multi-mode allows parameters for acceleration, speed, deceleration and current limits to be set for all operating modes.
Direction, Horn and Lift/Lower Controls are housed in the new DURA Control Handle

Reach Mechanism with Tilt

Heavy Duty Pantograph type Reach Mechanism extends 600mm and includesintegral tilt movement of six degrees backward and three degrees forward.
Large diameter cylinders with chrome plated rods
High lateral stability is achieved using wide space heavy section Reach arms fitted with fully contoured rollers and sealed bearings running in Mast Section I Beam
All pivots are fitted with tapered roller bearings.
Easy operation of Reach, Side Shift and Tilt functions via Joy Stick controls

Travel, Lift & Lowering Speeds

Travel Speed: Fully Programmable
Lift Speed:
Empty – up to 12m per min
Laden – up to 9m per min
Lowering Speed:
Empty – up to 12m per min
Laden – up to 16m per min


Polyurethane Wheels
Drive: 254mm DIA x 125mm wide Quick Change Type: integral tyre & hub assembly
Load: 1.5 - 150mm DIA x 75mm wide
Drive: 2.0 - 150mm DIA x 100mm wide

Optional Equipment

Hazard Light and Beeper
Flame Proofing
Special straddle dimension
Four directional model
Large Traction Battery
High Ground clearance
Tandem Load Wheels

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Walkie Reach Stacker
1.5 to 2.0 Tonne Capacity Pedestrian Reach Stacker


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