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Komatsu Forklift Hire in Brisbane

Komatsu Forklift Australia is the local supplier of one of the leading forklift brands across the globe. Komatsu forklifts are renowned for their reliable performance and innovative features. 

In Brisbane, we have a large range of different electric and engine powered forklifts for hire, available on short term hire or long term leases. In addition, we also hire out warehouse equipment & side loaders for handling long loads. We have at our disposal a fleet of 2.5-ton capacity forklifts available immediately with same day delivery. 

Pave the way to success today with a long term lease with a reputable forklift company & brand or improve your productivity with a short term lease when the demand unexpectedly rises.

We make it easier than ever to get the right forklift for your application, with a wide range of lifting capacities, different features and energy efficiencies. 

Here we help you discover the best forklift to hire for your business needs, in just seven easy steps:

7 features you must consider when picking out forklifts for your workforce

1.Indoors or outdoors?

  • Indoors: If you are looking to lift items predominately in an indoor area then you need to consider an electric forklift. These forklifts are small, compact & highly manoeuvrable in tighter spaces. They also don’t emit harmful exhaust gases & are virtually silent.

  • Outdoors: If you are looking for a forklift to hire for outdoor use, you have some more options in choosing what forklift you hire. We hold a large range of heavy-duty gas and diesel forklifts, with incredible lifting capacities. Additionally, Komatsu has electric forklifts that are also suitable for outdoor use.

2.Hire a forklift based on your capacity


Gas, diesel, LPG and Petrol

1.8 – 5.0 tonnes:

7 – 8 tonnes: 

10 – 25 tonnes:

3. Safety and comfort features

At Komatsu Forklifts all our forklifts for hire in Brisbane are designed to deliver the operator utmost safety, visibility, comfort and precision. We have achieved this through our leading ergonomic designs, vibration dampening, fingertip operated lever controls, etc. 


What tyres you need is also important in choosing what kind of forklift you’d like to hire. Our Komatsu Forklifts to hire forklifts are usually fitted with one of these three:

  • Puncture proof – A solid design (not filled with air) that prevents punctures.
  • Pneumatic – Ribbed for good comfort, traction and control, filled with air.
  • Cushion – Thick rubber on metal bands, also known as ‘pressed on tyres’ superior stability, for smooth ground & indoor use.

5. Exclusive technological advancements

Browse closely through our range, to also spy some exclusive Komatsu only features in our engine powered product range, like our unique cushioning brakes that accurately reflects the pressure put on them.  Another example of our specialised forklifts are our range of hydrostatic drive diesel forklifts.  

  • Ideal for heavy duty high cycle applications
  • Advanced hydraulic systems
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Eco-friendly Komatsu diesel engines
  • Wet Disc Brakes
  • KOMTRAX standard
  • Available from 4 – 16 tonnes lifting capacity

Read more about out our hydrostatic forklifts for sale in Brisbane here:

6.A holistic integration into your workforce

We provide operator manuals, and daily check lists to operate and care for the machine. We can also provide you with a risk assessment to help your workplace abide by the OH&S.

7.Contact us today and hire a forklift!

Call us on 1800 134 058 or head over to to talk about the start of your new forklift hire lease in Brisbane.


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