"Hello Steve.
Thanks for your interest in my forklift. We call the little fella “Napoleon” due to his never say die attitude.
He is an FG20-6, with a 1300kg capacity, 4600mm lift height and plated 8-3-1979.
We bought him 2nd hand in the early 1990’s and converted him to gas after a career of various hire work. At the time I thought this would be a great retirement place for him. But since then the business has grown and as he is our only forklift gets all the work.
We use him almost every day doing various jobs including loading and unloading trucks, lifting rollover tarps onto trucks with a modified work basket, lifting and maneuvering heavy industrial fabric rolls using the 3m spear attachment and with the tarp rolling attachment he rolls large wheat bunker tarps up to 10000 sq meters in area. This latter duty is fairly hard going and need lots of “run ups” to get to the other end 70 meters away.
He has been bogged countless times, used as a tow vehicle, used to level out the gravel areas with a pallet out front, we rolled him onto his side once after some earth works gave away, dragged him out with a tractor and finished the job.
Truckies and customers often laugh when he appears from around the corner but when they see what he’s capable of they want to buy him, but he’s not for sale.
Just recently the steering / brakes got redone and occasionally needs a gas check up but other than that we have had no reliability problems."

Murray Knight
Managing Director
Knights Upholstery / Austarps
12 Wee Waa Road
Narrabri NSW 2390