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Friday, 04 December 2015 11:35

Tough Komatsu Forklifts for Bradken

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Tough Komatsu Forklifts for Bradken

Foundry work is tough work.  Many forklifts would fail under the stress and strain of this environment.  So why does Bradken, one of Australia’s largest foundries and mining businesses, chose Komatsu?


Komatsu Forklift Australia has been providing Bradken with fully maintained forklifts and associated equipment across Australia since 2004.  Bradken has recently renewed their Group Supply Agreement signifying both parties’ long term commitment to Komatsu’s ongoing provision of first class equipment and service levels in a competitive environment.

Bradken is a leading global supplier of differentiated consumable and capital products to international markets.  Bradken uses its years of experience to develop innovative products for the mining, freight rail, steel making, smelting, transport, cement, oil & gas, power generation and sugar industries.

Supply Contracts Manager for Bradken Resources Pty Limited, Terry Sinclair said “As a leading heavy engineering company, Bradken can manufacture fully machined cast iron and steel products from a mass of 1 kg to over 25 tonne.  Efficient and safe handling of these products means the forklift applications at Bradken sites are varied and in some cases quite demanding.  Komatsu has assisted Bradken to specify material handling equipment most fit for its specific applications.”  Currently there are 128 Komatsu forklifts in the Bradken fleet.

Bradken management recognises that health, safety and the environment are its highest priority and to reinforce its commitment to environmental sustainability, the Company maintains certification to ISO14001 at all of its major facilities.  Komatsu Forklift provides the equipment, specialist knowledge and planning assistance for us to comply with our legal obligations and achieve our safety and environmental goals.

Bradken commends the use of Komatsu forklifts to any company contemplating its material handling requirements and diverse applications for transporting products.

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