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Komatsu BX Series - 2.5 to 3.5 Tonne Capacity IC Engine Forklift

Model Fuel Type Rated Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Tyres Mast (m) Turning Radius (mm)
FG/FD25-17 LPG/Petrol or Diesel 2500 500 Puncture Proof or Pneumatic Full range 2240
FG25NT-17 LPG 2500 500 Cushion (Compact Chassis) Full range 2050
FG/FD30-17 LPG/Petrol or Diesel 3000 500 Puncture Proof or Pneumatic Full range 2370
FG30NT-17 LPG 3000 500 Cushion (Compact Chassis) Full range 2110
FG/FD35AT-17 LPG/Petrol or Diesel 3500 500 Puncture Proof or Pneumatic Full range 2480

Great design starts on the smallest level and with the Komatsu BX50, no detail has been overlooked. Building on our 80-year history of superior engineering, the BX50 delivers improved performance and unbeatable strength for your most demanding applications.

Great design starts with the Komatsu BX50 Series of Gas Forklift and Diesel Engine Forklift. With our 80-year history and Komatsu’s reliability of superior engineering, no detail has been overlooked.

The BX50 series delivers the qualities you’ve come to count on in a Komatsu, exceptional performance, increased productivity, reduced operating costs, trusted safety features and unbeatable power for the most demanding jobs. 

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Optimum lubrication intervals
  • Simple maintenance for greater efficiency
  • Full hydraulic steering system with no mechanical components, such as the drag link, so replacement costs are reduced.
  • Now, when you buy a new Komatsu forklift the warranty runs for 5 years or 10,000 hours operation (Subject to Komatsu Forklift Australia warranty terms & conditions).

  • The tandem pump operates the power steering and the lifting equipment independently. Komatsu’s hydraulic technology lifts the cargo at about double the lift speed of the previous model when idling. The truck also features fine adjustments for the fork position and superior  operability of attachments when idling. The reduces the need to rev the engine when lifting which reduced fuel comsumption.


Komatsu Reliability
  • Unique designs have further extended the life span of the truck
  • Frame structure and changes to the mast improve durability
  • Exceptional Heat balance - The bell-shaped shroud concentrates cooling air into the radiatoralso enhances reliability during heavy operations.
  • The heavy-gauge steel frame, front axle and heavy front fender connect to deliver high strength—critical for high lifting and heavy loads.


  • The Komatsu Komfort Zone design uses a dual floating structure that protects operators. One set of vibration-dampening mounts separate the forklift’s frame from the engine and transmission. A second set of suspension mounts isolate the operator compartment from the frame. In addition, drive-train design reduces vibration transmitted from the differential. The combined technology of both of these Komatsu designed systems further reduce the vibrations transferred to the mast, fork, steering wheel and control lever, as well as the operator's seat. Therefore, ultimately improving operator comfort and cargo safety.

  • Wide floor and open, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe.
  • Control levers designed for finger tip control
  • Operator visibility is a key to productive forklift operations. The newly designed EZview mast and low-profile dash display gives an unrestricted view of the fork tips and surroundings.

  • Komatsu Operator Presence System (KOPS) – standard on the BX50 – locks out lift, lower, tilt and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. They do not resume until the operator returns to the seat and resets the controls. A flashing yellow warning light alerts the operator when the KOPS lock is activated. In addition, the forks cannot be lowered while the key is in the off position.
  • Hot engine air and exhaust gases are tiring to the operator. On the BX50, angled counterweight ports aim hot engine air away from the operator while traveling in reverse. Exhaust vents located low on the counterweight keep exhaust gases away from the operator and also away from the floor to avoid stirring up dust
  • In the rear of the BX50, the upper corner of the counterweight angles sharply to give optimum visibility when moving in reverse.


  • The sunken counterweight design in combination with the standard swing down gas bottle bracket allows for easy gas cylinder replacement with greater safety & risk of injury


Compact Models

The FG25NT-17 & FG30NT-17 provide maximum lifting capacity in a small compact chassis size. Ideal for tight indoor spaces.

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2.5 to 3.5 Tonne Capacity Gas and Diesel Engine Forklift


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