Baumann Sideloaders - The Ultimate in Long Load Handling

Handling long loads demands specialised equipment solutions tailor made to improve safety and efficiently utilise available space. Baumann offers a variety of side loading fork trucks to handle long and bulky goods.

Komatsu Forklift Australia is the Australian distributor of Baumann Sideloaders. Baumann’s range has been specifically designed to handle long loads minimise aisles. For many years Baumann has been a popular choice in the Australian timber, steel, aluminium and other manufacturing industries.

Baumann offers a comprehensive range of Sideloaders to handle a multitude of products that could be considered long or bulky. The Baumann Company has been established for over 40 years during which time it has established itself a supplier of high quality Sideloaders in this specialised area of materials handling.

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3 Tonne to 5 Tonne Capacity Diesel Sideloader
3 Tonne to 5 Tonne Capacity 80V Electric Sideloader
3 Tonne to 5 Tonne Capacity 120V Electric Sideloader
5 Tonne to 8 Tonne Capacity Diesel Sideloader
5 Tonne to 8 Tonne Capacity 120V Electric Sideloader
10 Tonne to 50 Tonne Capacity Diesel Sideloader